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How do I apply for your Pilot and Mechanic Training Programs?

1. Print off applications - Download Applications 2. Complete application and mail to: Alpha Aviation P.O. Box 112 Springdale, AR 72765 3. Attach two 3 x 5 photos. 4. Process Recommendation Forms according to instructions below: 1. PASTOR RECOMMENDATION FORM Ask your pastor to complete form and mail to: Alpha Aviation P.O. Box 112 Springdale, AR 72765 (For your pastor's convenience include a pre-addressed stamped envelope with the above address. All recommendations are to be mailed directly to Alpha Aviation. They should not be given to the applicant.) 2. PERSONAL RECOMMENDATION FORMS (2) Give one each to a friend, business associate or employer (and pre-addressed stamped envelopes) and have them mail them to: Alpha Aviation P.O. Box 112 Springdale, AR 72765 5. After application and recommendation letters are received, your file will be sent to our Acceptance Committee for review. You will be notified of their decision. 6. Once an applicant is approved, the next step is to attend the two-week Jump-Start Program. The cost is $800. The enrollment date is scheduled after completing the Jump-Start Program. See website for more information concerning this Program.

What qualifications are needed to apply for schooling?

High School diploma and complete the application process.

Do you have / how long are you gone on typical short-term mission trips?

Mission trips to Mexico and Central America range from five to ten-day trips. The U.S. trips can be one to three days.

Are English classes available?

There are many educational opportunities in the area for learning English. We could help you choose the best one for you.

I'm looking for the best way to get the training required to serve with other aviation mission organizations. Can you provide this training?

Our programs are designed to prepare someone to meet the requirements to serve with other aviation mission organizations such as JAARS and MAF.

When does enrollment begin?

FOR FLIGHT TRAINING: We have open enrollment which means a student can begin classes anytime throughout the year.

FOR MECHANIC TRAINING: Begins on the first work day of each month.

Are your training programs recognized by the FAA?

Yes. All our Training Programs meet the FAA rules and regulations.

What accommodations are available?

Apartments are available in the area. Price range begins from $319 per month for a one bedroom.

Am I responsible for my own housing?

Yes. We are available to assist in helping locate adequate housing.

Is it possible to talk with a former and current student?

Yes. Call for contact information.

I have been told that most missionary aviation companies require a college degree of some sort, preferably a four-year degree. Is this true?

There are many opportunities for missionary pilots and mechanics on the mission field that do not require a college degree.

Are loans and grants available?

We do not offer grants or loans. We encourage missionary students to be self-supported by the time they finish our training programs. Our goal is to prepare and train a missionary in a way that at the completion of training, the missionary will be debt free and have financial support from a donor base, enabling them to go to the mission field.

We do have a Scholarship Program, but an individual must be a full-time student for one year before qualifying to make application. Part of our Missionary Program is to offer the Two-Week Training Program that prepares students to raise financial support as a missionary. Then at the end of their training, they already have the support needed for going to the mission field. For more information go to our Missionary Jump-Start Program.

My son is currently attending college. His goal is to get his pilot's license and serve as a missionary pilot. He will need to work a job after college to pay off student loans. Do you have suggestions on ways he could serve while holding down a job to keep his dream alive?

He could begin pilot lessons locally while in college; and obtain as many ratings as possible. The following ratings are required:

1. Private
2. Instrument
3. Commercial

He could do one lesson per week. That would keep him interested and progressing. If he doesn't complete all the ratings by the time he finishes college, he can complete them with us, or whichever aviation mission training school he chooses.

Does your organization help with debts due to colleges loans, etc?

No. However, there is a ministry called, Christian Aviation Ministries (CAM), that provides educational loan grants to individuals who are approved for pilot and mechanic training in an aviation mission school. CAM's mission is to support individuals by repaying their student loans. Go to their website for more information: www.christianaviationministries.com.

My son is interested in mission aviation. I don't know a lot about missionary service, but I want to do everything I can to help him reach this goal after finishing high school! Do you have suggestions on how we can encourage him at this point in his life?

Now is the time to take steps toward his goal, no matter how small those steps seem to be. As long as he's going in this direction, each step can encourage him to continue toward his goals. I would encourage him to do research on aviation mission organizations on the internet. This will help him stay focused on his goals.

Is it possible to complete the A& P Mechanic and Pilot Courses at the same time?

Yes. An individual can complete all courses during the three years. Our programs are designed to prepare an individual to obtain all pilot ratings required by the time the mechanic training is completed. We encourage pilot students to complete two flight lessons per week along with home study. This can be done late afternoon and/or weekends. However, it does depend on the individual and how he/she applies his/her time toward the studies.

Once I complete the pilot and mechanic training programs, how long before I would be able to fly for a mission organization?

It depends on the individual and how soon he/she is proficient in mission flying. Our training programs are designed to have an individual ready at the end of three years. At the end of three years, the individual will have the necessary pilot ratings and mechanic license along with three years of mechanic experience. A general rule is that a student is required to have 500 hours of flight time before applying to organizations like MAF. Our goal is to provide resources and a training environment for a student to obtain these qualifications by the end of three years.

Are missionary pilots paid for their work?

As a general rule, No. They are self-supported missionaries. That is what our Missionary Jump-Start Program is all about. At the end of three years, you already have a support base that will provide the financial and prayerful support needed for you to operate on the mission field. This support base can also provide finances during the three years of training.

Does Alpha Aviation offer actual experience in the mission field?

Yes. A student will serve a six-month training program in Mexico or Central America.

Are students required to live in a certain area while attending school?

No, but we do encourage students to live close to the training facility.

Do you accept International Students?

Not at this time.

What opportunities are available for missionary pilot and mechanics?

There are many opportunities for self-supported missionary pilots and mechanics.

Examples include:

1. Working with other missionary organizations, i.e. MAF, JAARS, New Tribes.
2. Working in the U.S. by transportating pastors/ministers throughout the country.
3. As a missionary with Alpha Aviation, we could place you in Mexico, Guatemala and other Central America Countries.
4. Transporting medical and general supplies to missionaries in other countries. The list goes on and on.

It depends on what an individual feels God is calling him/her to do. Our focus is to train people who feel God is calling them into missionary aviation, but do not know how to get started, and train and prepare them to accomplish what God's destiny is for their life.

I'm an experienced airline pilot. Can I volunteer my vacation time to fly for mission trips for Alpha Aviation?

Due to the special training required for the type of flying our pilots do, each volunteer is evaluated on an individual basis.